We all want to live in a home that comforts and nurtures us.  At Balet Flowers & Design, we work with our customers to enhance the beauty of their homes with annual, perennial, vegetable and herb gardens.

In the process, we connect with each customer and their property. By understanding personal tastes and environmental conditions, we can create a desirable atmosphere that makes home a truly special setting.

This process starts with a home consultation.

Here we will meet and discuss the desires of each customer by walking their property, discovering what they like, don’t like and wish they had.  At this time we will conduct a site analysis. Sun exposure, soil type and water sources all reflect on what types of plants will thrive in the specific location. With this important information on hand we can offer our customer choices for their garden’s style, function and individuality.  Working together, we can then visualize the gardens unique potential.

Some people will take this information and begin to create their own garden.  For some, the process is best left to the pros.

Balet Flowers & Design has talented and experienced staff who understand quality and attention to detail.  Plants, compost and other materials arrive at your house in excellent condition. Work is done in a professional manner and each of our team members feels a genuine sense of accomplishment when the garden is completed.

To schedule a consultation, email Suzanne or call (518) 584-8555.

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Condo Garden

Cottage Garden

Combo Garden

Cutting Garden

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