Native perennials are very popular now, as people realize that plants that originated in this climate are well-suited and likely to thrive. Gaillardia, Iris, Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Baptisia, and Helianthus…these are just some of more than four dozen native plants and shrubs we frequently recommend for our climate zone.

As with any garden, planning ahead to correctly mix short, medium, and tall plantings yields a balanced garden design and one that will grow well in the space available. Building a bed of native plants and flowers is a terrific activity to share with your family, giving everyone a hands-on opportunity to learn about native ecology.

Visit our greenhouse just outside of Saratoga Springs to obtain our complete list of 50+ native plants for our upstate New York climate zone. We will also give you a planting diagram that staggers a dozen select varieties across a garden bed. Remember to add appropriate soil enhancements to your garden before you transplant.

Our lists include recommendations for both sun and shade plants as well as plants that bloom at various times during the growing season. In this way, your garden will be evolving and attractive throughout the year.

We look forward to helping you plan a native perennial garden on your next visit to Balet Flowers & Design. Get started today on this rewarding gardening project!